The collage is created by Dorset artist Jacky Curtis:

The collage is called "Tolerance" and is made totally of small sheets of very thin tissue paper which have been mono printed on a gelatine plate then overlaid onto canvas.  Some of the tissue is then overprinted to give detail.  I embellish with inks and then finish with a layer of cold wax.  The original image is 36 ins x 22 ins stretched onto deep stretcher bars with the image continuing around the sides (which cannot be seen in the flat image).

There are three in this series - "Tolerance" -  "Congruence" - "Marriage".  They are inspired by the book "The Prophet" by Kahlil Gibran and my visits to the middle east, especially the chaos of Jerusalem and the site of the crucifixion where there are so many religions all jostling for the small space,  all reaching up to heaven, all basically desiring the same outcome yet all so separate and divided.

I hope you enjoy the image.