World Dates and Religious Festivals

The following list is clearly not exhaustive.  It is a list of dates that the network thinks are significant.

Note: All dates are 2022 dates:

International Women’s Day  8 March
International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination 21 March
World Refugee Day 20 June
International Youth Day  12August
World Humanitarian Day 19 August
International Day of Peace 21 September
World Mental Health Day  10 October
International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women  25 November
International Day of Persons with Disabilities 10 December
Christian Western  
Epiphany  6 January
Easter Day  17 April
Ascension Day  26 May
Christmas Day  25 December
Christian Eastern Orthodox  
Christmas ( Not Greek Orthodox)  7 January
Easter Day  24 April
Holi  19 March
Diwali 24 October
Lunar New Year  1-3 February
Wesak (Buddha day)  16 May
Dharma Day  13 July
Purim  17 March
Rosh Hashanah  26-27 September
Hanukkah  19 December
Birthday of Guru Gobind Singh Ji 5 January
Ramadan First day  2 April
Eid al-Fitr First day  2 May
Eid al-Adha First day  9 July
Al-Hijra  30 July
Milad al-Nabi 8 October
Feast of Naw-Ruz  21 March
Ascension of Baha u Allah 29 May
Birth of Baha u Allah  27 October