About South West Dorset Multicultural Network

See below to find about the Organisation, Committee, our Aims and our Achievements.


South West Dorset Multicultural Network has six broad aims:

- Join together to celebrate the cultural diversity of all groups in Dorset, including those of Black and minority ethnic backgrounds.

- Work towards reducing the isolation faced by people from minority ethnic backgrounds.

- Provide support for each other and work towards understanding the effects of racism on all members of society.

- To recognise the positive contribution of Black and minority ethnic groups to Dorset.

- Promote understanding and co-operation between people of different ethnic and cultural backgrounds.

- To consult with and inform service providers on the specific needs of Black and minority ethnic communities.

- We support inclusion and diversity for all communities.

The Organisation


The South West Dorset Multicultural Network committee is elected annually at the Annual General Meeting, with an opportunity to second new members throughout the year. There are currently three officer positions on the committee.


Mona Elkotory


Ian Billingham


David Rhodes


Barbara Cohen
Jane Silver-Corren 
Mona Elkatory
Ian Billingham
David Rhodes
Vikki Oriogun Williams


South West Dorset Multicultural Network Committee meets monthly to discuss current and future initiatives. There are a number of additional meetings of sub-groups throughout the year to plan, organise and fundraise for events and activities.

South West Dorset Multicultural Network holds an Annual General Meeting each year. Committee members are re-elected each year. To become a Committee Member requires nomination from 2 existing Committee Members.


South West Dorset Multicultural Network has the following policies in place and these are reviewed every 2 years – Code of Conduct; Confidentiality and Data Protection; Conflict of Interest; Lone Working; Travel; Safeguarding; Volunteering.

Funders and Supporters

Dorchester Town Council, Dorset Council

Over the years the following organisations have also provided a range of small grants and other support for events and activities: Dorset County Council; Dorset Healthcare University NHS Foundation Trust; Dorset Community Fund; Bournemouth University; Healthwatch Dorset; Magna Housing Association; Raglan Housing Association; Safer Dorset Fund; Waitrose; Batten and Co; Dorset County Hospital; Dorset Race Equality Council; Co-operative Community Fund and Dorchester Town Council.


Holocaust Memorial Day, January 2020
Over 150 people attended.

Gypsy, Roma, Traveller History Month, June 2019
100 people attended.

Black History Month, October 2019
200 people attended.

South West Dorset Multicultural Network in partnership with West Dorset District Council and funded by the West Dorset Partnership, commissioned Dorset Race Equality Council in 2010, to carry out a consultation exercise with Black and minority ethnic people on their experiences of living in Dorset. The final report ‘This is Our Home Too’ was launched and the findings were presented in April 2011 to a group of stakeholders.

In 2005 South West Dorset Multicultural Network hosted West Dorset’s first Holocaust Memorial Day. 11 years later South West Dorset Multicultural Network continues to bring together organisations, schools and members of the local community to light candles and mark the event with stalls, talks and music. The event continues to grow each year.

South West Dorset Multicultural Network has held at least one annual Black History Month event since 2007, and marked Gypsy, Roma, Traveller History Month since 2009.

The schedule of events has, of course, been disrupted by the pandemic.  The three annual events are expected to start again, starting with the Black History Month event planned for 23 October 2021.